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One more mile is all we have;

you got nothing to fear

Sam Winchester
2 May 1983
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Sam Winchester
Player Name: Varis
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Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: AIM - harder to kill
Player Email: unknowngoddess@gmail.com
Player is over 16 years of age, Y, i'm 23.

Character: Sam Winchester
Fandom: Supernatural
Personality: Sam is defined by the life he's led. Growing up he was raised primarily by his brother, raised as a warrior, raised not to be afraid of the things that go bump in the night but to charge head on to them. And he hated it. He resented his father for never being there for Dean and him, and he resented the fact that he couldn't just be a normal kid. Growing up in that way shaped his decisions later in life, causing him to strike out on his own in an attempt to find a normal life. Sam strove for that normalcy, despite his life previous being so bizarre, and he was never able to escape it.

Eventually, he came to accept who he was, a Hunter, and a warrior. He embraced the idea of helping people, because he is an incredibly compassionate individual who finds it easy to relate to those having difficulties in their lives. Sam's sensitive nature often helps the brothers get where they need to be, because people are more liable to trust Sam with his gentle eyes and soft words than Dean who can be a little less than sympathetic on occasion.

Sam's personality took a turn for the darker when it was made known to him that he'd inherited demon abilities from an incident happening when he'd just been a baby, not at first, but when he learned of their origins it bothered him. It wasn't until Dean sacrificed himself in order to save Sam's life that Sam really started to sober, desperate to find a way to save the one person who meant more to him than anyone else. He was consistently hesitant to use the powers that were still in him despite the demise of Azazel (the demon who gave him his powers) but he slowly warmed to the idea throughout Dean's last year as he was provoked by a demon named Ruby, who claimed to be trying to help them. It was because of her that he considered killing a virgin girl to wipe out a surrounding onslaught of demons, and he overall tried to "be more like Dean" in his way of approaching the humanity of those possessed.

In the end, Sam was unable to save Dean, and being forced to watch his brother die, powerless to stop it, took its toll on him. It was hard for Sam, and his personality took a swing for the worse without Dean. In mourning for his brother he did a lot of things he would never have done with Dean still there looking over his shoulder, and he was angry, hurt, and alone. Ruby found him again and after initially blowing her off she started to train him how to use his abilities against the demons that had killed his brother, fueling his need for revenge. He began to mend from the pain of his brother's passing, having a drive and focus, and while he couldn't keep the overall optimistic outlook on life he'd previously had, he did start to recover his sense of humor at least.

this journal is for roleplaying purposes at the game a_trialbyfire. i am not under the delusion i am sam winchester, plz don't sue